Artesaeta - El artista multidisciplinar Saeta Hernando

SAETA HERNANDO. (Alfredo C. Hernando, Madrid, Spain, 1971). Based in Berlin, Germany.
I am creative, visual artist, graphic narrator, illustrator, author, puppet master and creator of
  IDYL Learning  (Interdisciplinary, Dynamic and Ludic Learningwith Bettina Inés Truffat.

I studied Industrial Drawing, Animation and Theatre. I am a self-taught visual artist in constant learning and recycling of creative tools and new technologies.
In twenty-five years of my professional career I have participated and developed creative projects of various kinds: artistic and technical; large, medium and small; some experimental and others organized and guided; individual and collective; monodisciplinary, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary.
Up to this point in time, I have made cartoons for cinema and television, editorial illustrations, posters, murals, caricatures, comics, story boards for advertising, graphic design, theatre, performances, puppets and scripts.
Furthermore, I have worked with top professionals, amateurs and people completely outside of the art world. I collaborate with different social and cultural associations in Spain, Belgium, Brazil, Italy and Germany. I have also directed and participated in cultural events and given creative workshops for children, adults and teachers.

I am Co-Founder and Co-Director General of the non-profit society IDYL gUG, "Artistic techniques at the service of integral education", based in Berlin, Germany.


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Email: saeta(at)
Phone: +49 (0) 30 34 509 117

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