WEB RENOVATION. 07.07.2019

After several years without updating the website, the time has come to renew it completely.

I made the previous website with the program that brought my old iMac: iWeb, and the abandonment of it by the company of the apple bite collapsed my ability to update. So, I started to publish the updates in my blog "La Cama de Nemo"  but with time and new big projects I finally abandoned it as well.

So, here I am renewing the NEWS section, which will be updated as a Blog. For that reason I rescue the image of "La Cama de Nemo" from my old blog and I reincorporate it to this new journey full of dreams, illusions and a lot of art at the service of communication and education.

There are still things left to finish on my website and little by little I will complete it.




In 2018 I was contacted by the German publishing house LOEWE VERLAG to make a substitute for an illustrator. The work was for volume 13 of the collection "Ponyhof Apfelblüte" (something like "Pony Farm Apple Blossom"), a collection dedicated to a female child audience between the ages of 8 and 12.

Finally, they liked my work very much and offered me to continue with the series as the official illustrator of the same, a responsibility that I gladly took on. :D

I have already illustrated two books. The title of the first one, Nr. 13, is: "Ein eigenes Pony für Mia" and Nr. 14, which is about to be released, is titled "Paulinas großer Traum".

I never thought of illustrating a children's/juvenile series of ponies and girls and the truth is that I am having a lot of fun and enjoyment with each new book.

This week I begin working on my third book, the Nr. 15 of the collection. I'm sure I'll enjoy very much.

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