Poster by Saeta Hernando
-EDI- Educación Dinámica Interdisciplinar (Interdisciplinary Dynamic Education)

It is an educational project designed to develop the maximum of creative abilities of students through the performing arts, dance, theater, puppetry, music and staging.

Are the same students who accompanied and guided by the team of teaching artists, develop the script, different roles, create costumes and puppets, made the expressive body work, studying theater and dance parties, create the sets, the instruments and soundtrack. All this work is made throughout the course and is coordinated to the staging and performances in public at the end of the workshop.

The creative abilities or intelligences * involved in this creative process are:

  1. Linguistics: Through the narrative, the realization of the script and interpretation.

  2. Logical - Mathematical: Through the creation of the scenery and the invention of puppets and musical instruments. To do mathematics, physical and technical skills required.

  3. Visual - Spatial: Through the creation of sets, characters, instruments and stage design as well as joint activities in a common space .

  4. Body - Kinetics: Through body language, dance, movement, interpretation of characters and animation of puppets.

  5. Musical - Rhythmic: Through the creation of sounds, instruments and soundtrack.

  6. Interpersonal: Through teamwork and staging.

  7. Intrapersonal: Through reflection and development of emotional intelligence.

  8. Naturalist - 'Sustainable': Through the creation of instruments and puppets with natural and recycled materials.

Alongside these "intelligences" skills are developed:

  1. Understand, learn, learn and invent.

  2. Skillfully using existing knowledge and apply it to new situations.

  3. Perceive the environment and adapt to it effectively.

  4. Develop in the area of communication, learning to articulate and express the personal and listen to others.

  5. Draw a roadmap to achieve one's goals.

  6. Skillfully anticipate and resolve any problems that arise in their immediate environment or in those of others.

  7. Harnessing skillfully and intelligently stimuli and opportunities that arise.

  8. Use reasoning, intuition and logical analysis.

  9. Develop the ability to concentrate, abstraction, contemplation and reflection.

  10. Develop memory.

  11. Investigate and gain experience in different artistic disciplines.

  12. Perform publicly and enrich personal security and confidence.

  13. Discover and enhancing creativity and social skills of each child.

            (*) Classification of different intelligences developed by Dr. Howard Gardner , a psychologist, researcher and professor at Harvard University, known for his research in the analysis of cognitive abilities and his theory of multiple intelligences. Prince of Asturias Award for Social Sciences 2011.


Artefactum is an international and multidisciplinary team of artists with teaching experience in creative workshops for children and adults:  Saeta Hernando and Bettina Truffat , along with other partners. We work with interdisciplinary creative projects for primary school children aged between 7 and 14 years. The projects we work with are designed and structured to develop creative, cognitive, manuals, expressive, visual, motor and relational skills of students.

Our energy source is the joy that generates the creative process; the love , that allows us to see and respect each person to develop their full capacities multiple capabilities; the thrill of finding new solutions in collaboration with others and express themselves freely;the excitement of starting a project and carry it out;and the satisfaction of teaching what we know and continue learning.

The Creativity is our way of life and art expression and hence the collective arises Artefactum (Latin Ars factus: Made with art, with skill and virtue). We live with, for and by the ART , with skill and awareness through innovative behavior. And we like to share. For this reason we also do creative workshops for teens, adults and specific teachers.

Photos by Matthew Clark

Team ARTEFACTUM 2012: Saeta Hernando, Bettina Truffat, Andreas Frey, Kirsty Duffield and Juanjo Cerdá